Duties and Responsibilities of a Waitress

Waitress Job Description: 

Waitress are such types of staffs who work at a restaurant, hotel or a bar and some time in private homes, marriage hall or other places. Waitress supply food to customers or guest and drink as they requested. A Waitress staff is play very important role in a restaurant or hotel which is always be attentive and accommodation to the customers. 


Responsibilities of a Waitress: 

Greet and escort customers to their tables 

Present menu and provide detailed information when customers asked 

Prepare tables by setting up linens, plates and glasses 

Inform customers about the day’s specials 

Offer menu recommendations upon request 

Serve food and drink orders 

Check dishes and kitchenware for cleanliness and presentation and report any problems 

Up-sell additional products when appropriate 

Take accurate food and drinks orders, using a POS ordering software, order slips or by memorization 

Carry dirty plates, glasses and silverware to kitchen for cleaning 

Meet with restaurant staff to review daily specials, changes on the menu and service specifications for reservations (e.g. parties) 

Follow all relevant health department regulations 

Provide excellent customer service to guests 

Check customers’ IDs to ensure they meet minimum age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages 

Communicate order details to the Kitchen Staff 

Arrange table settings and maintain a tidy dining area 

Deliver checks and collect bill payments 


Requirements of a Waitress: 

Proven work experience as a Waitress 

Hands on experience with cash register and ordering information system 

Math skills 

Patience for customers 

Strong presentation skills 

Team spirit 

Ability to work in shifts 

Strong organizational and multitasking skills, with the ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment 

Effective communication skills 

Active listening 

High school diploma 

Food safety training is a plus 


Waitress Salaries in UAE: 

A Waiter/Waitress Counter in Dubai earns an average salary of 30,000 AED per year. Sometimes with other benefits like food, accommodation and transportation and sometimes without any benefits, it depends on company. 


Alternative Careers for Waitress: 

Sales Associate 

Customer Service Representative 

Administrative Assistant 

Assistant Manager 



Bartender Server 


5 Basic Waitress Interview Questions: 

Why Do You Want to Work at This Restaurant as Waitress? 

What experience do you have? 

What is your favorite part are being a waitress? 

Can you prepare tables easily? 

Do you have any bar experience?

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Waitress

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