Data Entry Operator Job Duties and Responsibilities

Data Entry Operator Job Description: 

A Data Entry Operator / Clerk is a member of staff / team to enter or update data into a company computer system. Data is often entered into computer system from paper documents or from any other source by using keyboard. Data entry operation enter data into system very fast. 


Data Entry Operator Job Duties: 

Prepares source data for entry by opening and sorting mail or documents. 

Verifying current data and obtaining missing data. 

Records data into system by using keyboard or other equipment 

Coding information; resolving processing problems. 

Save organization data by keeping information confidential. 

Accomplishes department and organization mission by completing related results as needed. 


Data Entry Operator Job Responsibilities: 

Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents within time limits 

Compile, verify accuracy and sort information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry 

Comply with data integrity and security policies 

Review data for deficiencies or errors, correct any incompatibilities if possible and check output 

Scan documents and print files, when needed 

Keep information confidential 

Respond to queries for information and access relevant files Ensure proper use of office equipment and address any malfunctions 

Research and obtain further information for incomplete documents 

Apply data program techniques and procedures 

Generate reports, store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations 


Data Entry Operator Salaries in UAE: 

The average pay for a Data Entry Operator in UAE is 36,457 AED per year by PayScale. Some Companies also offer other benefits like accommodation, food transportation but some are just pay salary. 


Entry Requirements for Data Entry Operator: 

Employers train data entry operators, but good typing and numeric key entry skills are a common prerequisite. Knowledge of database software, spreadsheets, and word processing is helpful. Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills are also necessary, as well as strong reading comprehension. 


Alternative Careers for Data Entry Operator: 

Data Technician Supervisor 

Entry Level Data Entry Clerk 

Data Processing Technician 

Experienced Data Entry Clerk 

Junior Data Entry Clerk 


Data Entry Operator Interview Questions: 

How many words can you type per minute? 

How would you rate your touch typing skills? 

How do you ensure accuracy in your data entry? 

What kind of technology do you think would be helpful in your job? 

What word processing tools have you used before?

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Data Entry Operator Job Duties and Responsibilities

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